I Believe

I don’t believe Life is this thing that we all just blunder through until we die. I do believe that we are here for no reason other than the miraculous progression of evolution. I believe that the time we spend on Earth should be spent in awe; experiencing every sensation completely, questioning unknowns and walking past fear.

Robin Hobb - My passtime saviour

have you ever read something that changed the way you feel and the way you think? read something that you then dreamed about? aahh i read these books and i loved them so much but i just don’t know how to express that. i want the rest of the world to read them too so you can feel what i do right now. 

how odd. words on a page. i feel like i’ve made new friends, more than friends, life. i feel like i’ve lived another life.

She looks completely different in each second

illustrated by Ida

dancing with midnight
Gorgeous - saw a version of this in a pub I frequent. lost my breath then. lost my breath now.

Star Dust by Molly Strohl

Do you sometimes feel so happy that part of you can’t stand it? And you want to explode… into fairy dust and stars?

— vsd

Barbara Streisand

has the most incredible hands. Erotic spiders. Crawling all over the screen. Flaw


Laying in

Bed thinking about the world around me. I’ve been cleaning my room for the past week. Trying to ‘de-clutter’.
It’s going well. Ish.

I gave away some clothes. I’ll be trying to sell some and donating the rest.

My shoe collection has remained untouched though. As it should!

There is a strawberry scented soy candle on my dresser that is absolutely divine. It’s amazing the effect that a single candle has on the atmosphere of a room. It’s wonderfully relaxing and gives off a warmth that has to do with more than just heat.

My flannel sheets have tailored themselves so perfectly to my body that I think I may have major issues trying extricate myself from them in the morning. I do not look forward to the bitter separation.

I do, however, look forward to the dreams waiting for me behind these two blinking lids.

Buenas noches

Such a talented and handsome fellow. He has his own environmental foundation. He’s after my heart I swear ;]

Sneezing so hard right now. I’m amazed in haven’t come yet.

Does that work on anyone? The push up bra and v-neck tee.

— Claire - House of Cards